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  • What is the price range of your gowns?
    Our gowns range from $1,500 to about $10,000. If you have specific questions about a certain designers price range, please visit our designer page for a more thorough price breakdown.
  • Do I need an appointment?
    Yes. This is so that we can give each bride our undivided attention, as we are a small boutique with limited staff, we unfortunately cannot always accommodate walk-ins. We require private appointments to try on wedding gowns. Appointments can be made via the booking page!
  • How long are appointment times?
    We allow 60 minutes for your bridal appointment. Because we are a boutique store, all gowns are out for browsing, and we have found generally one hour is the perfect amount of time to select your favourites and try them on.
  • How should I prepare for my appointment?
    Take some time to look through magazines and websites so you have a general idea of what you prefer in a wedding dress. This will help us get started in the selection process, although your stylist may also have some recommendations that you will love. It can be helpful to bring undergarments of similar styles that you will wear on your wedding day, including strapless bras and that magic Spanx! Otherwise, just bring your beautiful self, and an open mind!
  • When should I order my wedding dress?
    Dresses can take up to four to six months to produce, since it is being made to order. When you factor in shipping and alterations, it could be a 7 month total process. We suggest deciding on a dress six to nine months prior to your wedding date, so you have time built in for fittings and accessorising. There are rush options for weddings under six months, but rush fees do apply. The quickest time around time depends on the chosen designer, and can be made within 6 weeks or alternatively if they have the gown in the correct size/colour in stock it can be delivered within 5 business days.
  • What is a trunk show?
    Some of our designer labels in store carry an edited selection of each designer’s entire collection, but trunk shows are a designated time that we will have an extended selection of a particular designer. The trunk shows only last a couple of days, and appointments fill up quickly, so we recommend you book early if one of your favourite designers will be visiting ABC and you want to be able to shop the whole line.
  • Will I need alterations?
    We like to order the dress as close to your current size as possible, but all bridal gowns need alterations to give it a perfect fit for your wedding day. Before picking up the gown you purchase at ABC, we suggest you contact a seamstress to schedule your appointment to start the fitting process. ABC has a recommended seamstress, so speak to our bridal stylists for referral details. We recommend starting your alterations 6 weeks prior to the wedding date, so make sure to add this time onto the four to six months for gown production.
  • Do you do alterations in-store?
    We do not alter gowns in our boutique, since a seamstresses premises has all have the bells and whistles at their fingertips to achieve a perfect fit and any last minute changes you may want to make to your gown. We don’t have any required alterations packages, which means you only pay for what you need to have done to make your gown fit like a glove. If you prefer to use a seamstress of your own liking, that is absolutely fine by us.
  • Do you have plus size samples?
    We do sell plus size dresses! We do our best to accommodate as many beautiful body types as possible with our sample dresses. For this reason, the majority of our samples are sizes 10, 12 and 14 and we have a selection of sample gowns size 16-26. This allows us to get the largest range of various body types, both smaller and larger. We use pins and modesty panels for dresses that are on the small side and clips for dresses that are too big, in order to give you the best possible idea of what our dresses will fit like when they are tailored to you. We absolutely understand that this is a major shopping experience and it isn’t enjoyable for anyone if we don’t carry what you are looking for! If you have specific questions or if you would like to speak to someone directly about your size concerns and learn more about what we have just for you, please send us an email and we will attempt to answer any of you queries.
  • Can I bring a large party to my appointment?
    We recommend that you limit your party to five or less during your visit at ABC. We are a cosy little boutique with limited seating and we have found that the opinions of a trusted few always make for an easier decision for you.
  • What if I am not at my desired weight?
    We find brides will typically want to start their wedding diets once they have found their gowns and for this reason, we understand that their sizing may change closer to their wedding dates. All of our gowns can be taken down two full dresses sizes, to allow for minor or major size changes.
  • Do you have payment plans available and what are your deposit terms?
    We certainly have payment plans available in store over the entire time frame of your wedding. Our minimum starting deposit is $500 and when 50% of your entire gown is reached, the gowns starts being manufactured for you.
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